I’ll admit, I’m a girl with a ‘bigger-booty’ & the jury is still out whether I love or loathe this. BUT a big-booty armchair (no jury required), hands down - I LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Armchairs are not just for the living room, they look great in bedrooms, a study, even a pair of them in the kitchen creates a comfortable space for people to “hang” whilst you chat & cook.

I had a custom big-booty armchair made (and not because of my own junk in the trunk) and this is why:

  • Space is luxury. A big-booty armchair is the difference between economy and business. I think this says it all. 

  • There’s room to sit however you want - feet up, crossed legged or angled - I just love curling up with a hot coffee. 

  • Big, Bold and Better. They make a statement as their scale can hold their own presences in the room. They look great positioned at an angle in the corner of a room. 

  • There’s room for a decorative scatter cushion. I love a scatter cushion, but on some armchairs there just isn’t enough room for the both of us to exist. 

  • My dog Hunter can sit with me & I can squeeze in a snuggle with my BF James. 

  • It’s a great opportunity to use a bolder, patterned fabric that’s different from your sofa. 

  • Great to create ‘adult’ chairs AKA these are expensive / kids don’t get to sit on the armchair. This way, you can still can have nice things when you have young children. 

What are you thoughts on the ‘big-booty’ armchair? Do you have one at home? We would love to know! Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram. #houseandcourt #bigbootyarmchair