Whether it’s leaning all over the kitchen bench having a ‘catch-up’ with your family or friends, or taking your 5th visit to the fridge just to stare at it’s contents and simply walk away; the kitchen is undeniably the central hub to any household.

Luckily for you, giving your kitchen a modern update with a warm, lived-in aesthetic doesn’t meaning ripping everything out and starting again.

Here is some Botox and filler you can inject into your kitchen for a little ‘refresh’.

1. Consider the kitchen as a living space, not just working space.

Treat the kitchen as the heart of the home by adding furniture pieces to make the space feel more inclusive.  One could create a casual dining space to allow for more opportunity for interaction between the chef of the house and the diners.  Alternatively, if space allows, purchasing some bench stools promotes conversation between those in and out of the kitchen without intruding into working space.

2. Change the door hardware.

Consider the knobs and pulls as jewellery to your kitchen space - the final touch that pulls the look together.  Replacing dated door hardware with their modern counterpart is a simple and economic way to add character and personality without too much work. 

3. Replace your splashback.

A new splashback has the power to change the whole aesthetic of your kitchen - stone, tile, mirror, glass; the possibilities are endless.

4. Add some decorative lighting.

With the addition of some decorative lighting, not only do you have the opportunity of providing task lighting to a particular part of the benchtop, but also producing a sense of mood and atmosphere.  Think long and linear. The best part? When those lights are off, it signifies that the kitchen is well and truly closed.

5. Invest in smart appliances.

As we continue to advance in technology, so do our appliances.  With touch screen ovens and fridges promising to extend the life of our veggies, indulging in some new appliances has the ability to change your cooking game.  Make sure your swapping like-for-like in the dimensions department.

6. Replace the sink mixer.

Gone are the days with one function, one spout type and one mixer design.  Pull-outs, pull-downs, dual-sprays, swivel spouts, single levers, progressive mixers - familiarise yourself with what is available.  Just ensure you consider spout length and how that will affect the sink bowl.

7. Accessorise with small appliances.

Declutter.  Hide the plates and platters.  Consolidate your collection of cookbooks.  Remove the need to have everything on display. These days kettles and toasters have more personality than that fish-shaped ceramic platter your Auntie Doreen gifted you in the early 90’s.

How have you given your kitchen a mini facelift without breaking the bank?  We would love to hear your ideas below.