Art walls: a style that keeps on returning as a favourite art trend. Think never-ending gallery walls and stylish fashion houses. Whilst it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming to try and create your own, here is where to start.

Photo via  Tali Roth

Photo via Tali Roth

Firstly, you need to find a suitable space to host your art wall. You will need to allow for an ample run of wall space. It might be a hallway, living room or dining room wall, or even a study. Remember, you are hanging multiple pieces, not just one.

You’ll also want to ensure the wall gets plenty of natural light, so it doesn’t become busy and dark. You want to be able to see the beautiful art!

Now it’s time to find your artwork. The whole idea of this art style is bring together a collection of artworks that hold meaning to you.

The best pieces are ones you have collected over time. This may be through travel or maybe you purchased them ‘just because’. Big or small, different shapes and styles; things that hold meaning to you make beautiful displays of your life and experiences. 

It is also nice to inject some new pieces, but make sure you love them! Also remember the artworks don’t all have to link / look similar. Variety is what keeps it interesting.

Once you have collected all your pieces, even just if you have a few that you want to start with and eventually add to as time passes, you’ll need some space to lay out the pieces to figure out how you like them arranged.

Think about the colour tones, sizes, frame type/colour and subject. Also think about how much space you want between each piece. It looks nice to maintain the same distance between each piece both horizontally and vertically. I would recommend about 10cm.

The next step is to hang the art. There are two options for this. My recommended method would be to hire a professional art hanger. These companies usually have decent experience hanging art in galleries and homes, so they are able to give advice on placement, alignment, colour, light etc.

They might suggest to you to swap this for that etc. They will spend the time to make sure everything is fixed properly to the wall, stable and of course, straight! Now don’t panic, they are usually reasonably priced, but get a couple of quotes to make sure you are happy with the price / work.

Alternatively, if you are a D-I-Y lover or have a tradesman dad or partner (like me!) you can give it a go yourself. Make sure you have given the wall a wipe down to remove dust residue (especially if you prefer to fix with the stick on velcro fixings), check the walls material (brick walls and plasterboard walls will take different screw fixing methods), and ALWAYS use a level!

Some of my personal favourite artists at the moment include the following:

Stuart Cantor Photography, for some beautiful dreamy landscape photography of the Italian coast. Available online or via MCM House Stores.

Caroline Walls, for some really beautiful fluid form illustrations and paintings. Available through her studio, email for information on available pieces.

Martine Emdur, my absolute favourite! Would love to own one of these one day! Available through Olsen Gallery.

Danielle X, I recently got gifted one of her photography prints which I absolutely love. She also has a range of abstract artworks as well. Available online or through The Art & Framing Company.

These might not be your taste or style, as everyone has their own!

There you go! Now remember, you can always update and change pieces, just be cautious that you have something to fit in that spot!

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