Ok, I get it & I totally do it too... BUT, it is so basic to look for inspiration only via Pinterest, Instagram, magazines & blogs. It encourages copying. There was a time, pre-social media when we were inspired by art, nature, photographs, furniture, travel etc..

I love art. It creates uniqueness to a space & generally is the 'icing on the cake' for a room. I love that art reflects the owner's individual taste & personality.

Today I show you how I see art as a source of inspiration. I am taking three different artworks & selecting pieces of furniture for a bedroom based on my inspiration from the artworks.

I picked this artwork by 'Holly Jolley' as it is both calm & playful, perfect for a bedroom. I see all-good-things-feminine in this piece; softness, boldness, nurturing, beauty, love, peace, glamour, a sense of control, pride & wisdom. The colour palette of beige, greens & layers of different pinks work well for a feminine bedroom of all ages. There is also a link to nature due to the leaves in the background and the floral motif on the subject's shirt.

With all this in mind, I have selected a few key pieces that reflect this artwork:

  • A glamourous blush pink velvet bedhead, the colour is on point with the inspiration artwork & is both soft & glamorous.

  • Rattan bedside tables reflect nature & the tone suits the hair of the female in the artwork.

  • This white lamp has been selected for its calm colouring but playful texture & form.

  • The green cushions bring out the green in the artwork.

  • The patterned rug acts as a contrast to the artwork due to its 'straight' patterns, while the artworks patterns are more random.

  • The leather armchair has purposely been selected to represent the layers of a female. Strength in the timber frame, beauty in the blush leather & softens with the grey linen cushioning.

Paul Blackmore's photography is moody yet quite. I like 'quiet' pieces of art for clients who wish for uninterrupted sleep.

This piece is unisex & suitable for both teenagers & adults. This piece inspires deep emotions, as it is solo focused on the female immersed in nature. It also encourages minimalism.

For this bedroom, I selected:

  • A pure & simple designed timber bed head & frame. The material has a strong link to nature. I like the vertical lines, leading the eye towards the artwork. (I would hang the artwork above the bed).

  • I picked velvet aqua cushions. Velvet has a light reflection similar to water.

  • A marble wall clock. The squirly veins in marble are similar to the motion of water; however I pick a wall clock as I felt the female swimming is lost in the moment with no sense of time.

  • A dark bedside was selected as the bottom of the artwork has deep, darkish colours.

  • The hanging pendant is representative of the light a the top of the water, which the female is swimming towards.

My last artwork is by Dina Broadhurst. The artist is uber cool, sexy and fun. The black and white artwork is like old-school Hollywood glamour. The beautiful female bodies, I imagine them to be wealthy, without a care in the world. The enlarged orchards scream of female sexuality; flirtatious, pure & striking.

I wanted this room to be elegant, rich & powerful. For this, I selected;

When you find that fantastic piece of art, that absolutely makes your heart sing, make it the focal point of the room. Let it be the centre of attention. Look at the art's colours, characteristic, patterns, it's subject matter & the reasons why you love it. Let this be the inspiration, the reason why you pick other pieces for the room. Trust me, you will have a more soulful room that reflects you as an individual, instead of copying other people's style.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.33.54 am.png