Hoity-toity, high and mighty, snobbish and snooty; all words that have been used to describe Interior Designers.  Whilst some lads and lasses have lived by the misconception that Interior Designers lie on a bed of upholstered cushions all day while choosing fabric samples, others base their knowledge off what they see on home-renovation ‘reality’ shows and see the homes as being unattainable or their homes unworthy of design.
We regret to inform you that we do not get to lie down all day.  Whilst that does sound delicious, it would mean we would crush our silk blouses (so not on trend); so we choose to sit on our tailored cigarette pants or stand on our platform sneakers.

Sadly, television shows only showcase a snippet of what goes down in the industry - every house or building is worthy.

Read on as we lift the lid on the 10 most eye-rolling interior design myths we hear on the regular.

1. I am a DIY Queen, I don’t need a designer.

Holly: A designer can be much more than you think. A designer’s work is like an iceberg - 10% shows and 90% is behind the scenes. We can solve problems you didn’t even know you had!

Madi: First of all, congratulations!  Second of all, whilst that may work for homemade bath salts and knitted tea cosies, sometimes DIY just doesn’t cut it when your after your ‘dream’ home.  We are an encyclopaedia of knowledge and are here to help!

2. Interior Designers just play with paints and fabric swatches.  

Holly: Thats the fun part, and it only occurs very occasionally! Give us a chance!

Madi: Ooooo girl! I’m guessing you’ve never said that within earshot of an Interior Designer.

3. Designers are know-it-alls, wise-guys, smarty-pants.

Holly: It may seem that way, but it is our passion and our training! Would you say the same about a doctor or lawyer?

Madi: We definitely do not know it all.  My number one tool is Google.  However, from what we do know, we share - but this doesn’t mean making an irritating point of demonstrating that we may know more about design than the average person.

4. Cheese and Whiskers! I just spent my last penny on a vegan caramel slice, I can’t afford an Interior Designer. 

Holly: You’d be surprised what we can come up with on a small budget. Design isn’t all about flashing money, it is about making a home!

Madi: But just think how beautiful those vegan caramel slices would look in a bespoke kitchen! Designers can work to any budget.  Just be sure to have realistic expectations of what the scope of works consists of.

5.  Don’t you need a Uterus to be an Interior Designer?

Holly: Now thats ridiculous!

Madi: Google Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

6.  Interior Designers have picture perfect homes.

Holly: A home I’ll dream about until I win the lotto!

Madi: I can’t even choose a phone case for myself, so let’s just put that to bed.

7. Interior Designers will just push their personal style onto me. 

Holly: I love so many different styles, I change my mind mostly every day! If I hear a client’s brief I usually put myself in their shoes to make sure the project is aligned to their style 100%.

Madi: My friends and family have only just come to terms with the fact that I will not do this, so I don’t blame you.  We wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t versatile.

8.  Interior Designers only care about what the space looks like, they won’t give me a liveable space.

Holly: Its the old ‘form versus function’ debate. Well in my eyes its pretty much equal, but function pips form in the end!

Madi: We geek out over technical specifications, which generally is the difference between you being provided with a functional space or an insta-worthy space with no practical backing. Unless we know the ins and outs of something, we won't offer it.

9.  My home is too small or is unworthy of a designer.

Holly: False. Parameters are a GOOD thing. We can always find a way to make it work.

Madi: Within the Interior Design sphere there is no such thing as a lost cause.  We are in the business of problem solving.  There are ingenious ways to space save - check out this project by Batiik Studio (link:

10. Don’t Architects do the same thing? Why hire both?

Holly: Although similar, architecture and interior design are often mistakenly combined in to one service. While they can correlate (and its best they do), there are distinct differences. Architects love to see the bigger picture, and interior designers love to hone in on the smaller details that put the bigger picture together.

Madi: Architects deal with the exterior form, we deal with the shell.  We stay in our lane, they stay in theirs.  You wouldn't get a surgeon to sit down to do a psychological assessment on someone, just like you wouldn’t expect a psychologist to grab a scalpel .  They are both ‘medical professionals’ but are not the same.