Lately I’ve been obsessing about the amazing dresser styling all over my instagram. #dressergoals. Layers of beautiful art, gorgeous book spines, hints of marble and metals in jewellery trays, beautifully packaged beauty products etc. are filling my mind. So now you’re wondering ‘where do I start’... well it’s not as hard as you think.

Photo via  @jasminedowling

Photo via @jasminedowling

The surface of your dresser can often become a space for dust collection and a dumping ground for anything and everything. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Your dresser bench top can become a beautifully decorated and extremely functional surface suitable for everyday use. And with today’s increasing obsession with beautifully packaged beauty products, dressers have become the perfect space to organise (and show off) your collection.

Here are my tips to create your own stunning dresser.

Photo via  @theadornment

Photo via @theadornment

Layering is key.
It’s all about building with items to create a balanced visual. Think about adding height as well as depth. A dresser is also a great space to house special items you might have collected. By grouping these with other items you can retain personality to your styling.

Keep it neat and tidy.
We don’t want it looking like a dumping ground or collecting dust. A quick tidy up once a week can do a world of good.

Change it up.
Changing up your styling here and there good to refresh your space and help keep you inspired. Even just rejigging/reordering the items you already have and not adding any new items can be a nice change of scenery.

Suggested items to include...

Books and magazines can come in handy. Grab a few of your favourites and order them tallest to shortest. You can stack both horizontally and vertically to create interest.

Framed art / photos.
Smaller frames are great to lean against the wall to create some height. Monochrome tones keep it simple but contemporary and let the artwork speak. Consider the other items you might have when selecting frames for prints.

Photo via  @jasminedowling

Photo via @jasminedowling

Although not always necessary on a dresser, lighting is an important component of a room, especially in a bedroom. A beautiful ceramic based lamp can look stunning. Positioning to one side helps to give it status but not take up valuable space. It can also add height to the styling.

A nice tray & some storage.
A beautiful tray is a stunning way to create some order and give you designated zones for smaller everyday items, such as jewellery and perfumes/colognes and that growing collection of serums, creams and oils. You’ll need to keep it neat though, so you can also use smaller bowls / boxes to hold more items with a lid or without if you’re able to maintain a neat order.

Photo via  @jasminedowling

Photo via @jasminedowling

Candle / decor items.
A dresser is a really great spot for items like candles or decor items as it is a secondary space, so items won’t be in your way day in and day out. Cliches are also a great way to dress up a candle and give it a home.

Photo via  @_hollyt

Photo via @_hollyt

Greenery is a great way to lift a styled surface. While fresh flowers or plants are always the best option, if you’re like me and struggle to keep them alive past 2 weeks, there are some great fakies on the market which can give you the same effect. Be careful not to overdo it, a small bunch of a single flower type can look simple and elegant.

Photo via  @thebeautychef

Photo via @thebeautychef

So now it’s your turn. Get a collection of your favourite items and give them a home on your dresser. We’d love to see how you style yours, and what you’ve included. Comment below and tag us in your photos @houseandcourt #houseandcourt #dressergoals #styleyourdresser