20th January - 18th February

You, The Aquarian; a visionary, a forward-thinker, a dreamer and a do-er.

You are often found saying 'I know'. When you know, you know, making it easy to purchase homewares and furniture for your home. Your intuition-driven decisions lead over following trends. This makes your home eccentric, yet homely.

HoCo praises you: "Keep buying pieces that fill your heart with joy, the happiness is contagious, people feel it when they are in your space. Don't worry about mixing styles, patterns and material - if you love them.... they work together!"

A suggested 2019 goal would be improving your 'poker face'. Your body language speaks far louder than your words.

HoCo recommends: "Practise in the mirror, it will help you in future business & social settings. "

Emotionally fueled & ruled, you, the Aquarian gives passionately but can take a long time to heal your emotional wounds. In moments of sadness, surround yourself with Turquoise stones, it has healing qualities.

HoCo suggests: "Turquoise stones look divine piled on a beautiful tray or in a low flattish bowl.

You are an air sign, but water profoundly influences you. Water livens up your spirt. Spend as much time by the sea, its good for your soul.

HoCo says: "I found the perfect self-gift, Tom Dixon's candle 'Water'. The scent of water is in the air. Perfect for an air sign like yourself..."

The aquarian flower is an Orchid, so easily placed in your home. They are perfect in living rooms, entries, bathrooms and bedrooms.

HoCo exclaims: "Do you know how lucky you are?! …such a stylish flower to have. Surround yourself with your beautiful white orchids."

Blue is your colour. All shades of blue are perfect, but no more than baby sky blue.

HoCo claims: "blue is such an easy colour to layer, most shades of blue work well together. Blue looks heavenly with white, & tranquillity mixed with greens".

You are curious about the world, a fighter of a cause; you see endless possibilities. You make a fantastic leader. Find time to meditate, be present, be in the moment; you need quiet to restore your intuition connection. Sit on a beautiful rug, in peace and reflect & restore. Make this your daily, or weekly ritual.

HoCo: "You are a deep thinker, you need time alone to come to the best solution to a problem or find the next path to walk."

01. Rug, 02. Candle, 03. Orchid, 04. Stones, 05. Bowl. 06. Coffee table, 07. Bedside Table. 08. Wall Mirror, 09. Bed Head, 10. Cushions, 11. Floor Lamp.


  • Your home is eccentric yet homely.

  • In moments of sadness, surround yourself with Turquoise stones.

  • Improving your 'poker face.'

  • Water profoundly influences you.

  • Tom Dixon's candle 'Water' is perfect for you.

  • Surround yourself with white orchids.

  • Blue is your colour.

  • You need quiet to restore your intuition.