Trend Guide: Winter White

This trend guide isn't going to be all-inclusive. White isn't always a safe choice for furniture, especially when clients have small children. However, if you are kid-free or have a 'kid-free zone' of the house, I love using a white occasional chair to add an accent of freshness. 

White is such an easy colour to work with - you can put white in a room full of white or can be utilised as moment of relief if the room is full of busy colours and patterns. 

To be honest, bright white can also look cheap. I lean towards a winter white.  Don't get scared of the name, it won't make your house look wintery - It just takes the edge of stark bright white. 

Have a look at a few of my favourite Winter White Armchairs…

  1. The Tired Man Armchair

  2. La Pipe Lounge Armchair

  3. Palm Springs Armchair

  4. Carmen MK11 Armchair

  5. KiKi Malawan Reed Armchair

  6. Roar & Rabbit Swivel Armchair

  7. Tango Loop Rocking Armchair

  8. Pop Armchair

  9. Maxime white Armchair

  10. Joe Love Armchair