The simple answer, no. As an interior designer, social media is not generally how design work is generated, social media is not how we get work.   

We have a strong reputation for being practical-minded, aesthetically inspiring, easy to work with and we intend to do what is right by our client. I find that the majority of work is generated by word of mouth, recommendations and repeat business.  It has been through the growth of a strong reputation for being practical, aesthetically inspiring, easy to work with and doing right by the client that additional work has been gained.

In saying the above, social media seems to be a sub-conscious reminder for clients or potential clients to reach out and be in contact. I limit my professional exposure on social media to Instagram and Pinterest. Being the most visually pleasing and simple to use, I find that I don’t see this on every platform - I don’t necessarily see the necessity of being on every platform available. 

Social media has opened the doors for other opportunities such as magazine articles, blog collaborations, event invitations, etc. It has been brilliant for meeting new suppliers & even other designers. 

While I do strongly feel that it is essential to have a presence on social media platforms, I may be a little old school; you need more than pretty pictures to survive in this game.