So we have sadly said goodbye to Summer, but it's not all bad; Autumn has some Blooming Beauties (aka flowers) to brighten up our days.

Buying seasonal flowers rather than imported flowers has multiple benefits; the flowers will last longer, they will be cheaper and less impactful on the environment (a-kind-of 'thank you' to Mother Nature for her flowers).

Autumn welcomes Dahlias, Tulips, Poppies, Bouvardia, Cornflower, Camellia blooms, Delphiniums, Celosia, Freesias, Calla lilies, Iris, Cosmos, Snapdragons, Wheat, Astilbe, Peppercorn, Billy buttons, Cymbidium, Daphne, Orchids, David Austin roses, Disbuds, Freesias, Hyacinth, Lisianthus, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Tuber Roses, and Daisies.

One of my guilty pleasures is to buy myself flowers every week. I do this for the reception at the design studio and for my dressing table at home. The way I justify it is if the room looks nice, I will try harder to keep it looking nice. It stops me leaving things like unopen mail scattered around.

My 6 favourite Autumn Blooming Beauties are:

Tulips, Cymbidium Orchids, Snapdragons, Hyacinths, Dahlias & Celosias.


My 6 tips and tricks for preserving the flowers for a long time are;

  • 1. Select seasonal flowers.

  • 2. Purchase the flowers with 'tight' blubs; meaning the flower looks 'closed'. They will open with time & in a room temperate environment.

  • 3. Cut the stems on an angle before putting them in a vase. Think of the flower as a living thing, the stem is how the flower to 'drink'. If the stem is flat on the bottom of the vase, it can't 'drink' the water. Also, the stem will close over once it is cut, it tries to 'trap' the water supply they already have in the stems. By cutting the stem, it re-opens the new water supply.

    …I know, I know, this adviCe doesn’t include many technical terms, but trust me, this works…

  • 4. You don't want any leaves in the water, pull off them off. They will go slimy and pollute the water faster. They will also smell.

  • 5. Change the water every 3 days. It's worth the trouble.

  • 6. Don't have flowers near a heater or near the sun. It will just make them wilt and die faster.


My 6 favourite Vases of all time are:

Tip: Look for vases with smaller ‘openings’ for small bunches of flowers.

Whats your favourite flower. Comment below your favourite designs or tag us on Instagram!

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