Here’s the thing … not everyone can cook.  In my vast and varying experience, I’ve come across four types of ‘Cooks’:

  • The Masterchef Wannabe: Those whose kitchen experience ‘sparks joy’ with a 57-step recipe and 8 hour preparation and cooking time.  Probably wears Crocs and a leather-strapped apron to cook or Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals and a statement necklace.

  • Mr/Mrs Hope For The Best: Those who crank the oven to 280°C and simply ‘hope for the best’.  Usually the smell of burning signifies the completion of cooking (you know who you are).

  • Carrie Bradshaw: Those choosing to store accessories, usually of the designer kind, inside appliances.  If you want to know how my Mum keeps her Celine bag in pristine condition, now you do. I’m joking … maybe.

  • Mr/Mrs Fluked It: Those who always seem to pull off a good meal.  Always nice.  Always edible.  May need more salt.  More power to you, you genetically blessed humans.

You may be wondering what this has to do with design. Well, let me tell you…

It is a well known fact that we ‘eat with our eyes’.  The visual appeal, odour, sound and taste of food all contribute to our decision to eat a certain food.  In other words, the food that appears more appealing, will appear more appetising.  The key word here is ‘appear’.  It’s my job here to share with you the most practical and appealing cookware pieces that will save any kitchen blunder.

Here are my 10 cookware picks that will elevate any breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What type of cook are you?  I must say, I am a combo-package of all 4.  What’s you’re favourite cookware?  Better yet, share with us how you disguise your cooking blunders.  Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @houseandcourt #houseandcourt #hocodesignhack

Cover Image: Wrap by HAY