I'm excited about this post as I know this dynamic Italian duo personally; Lisa Loi & Fabrizio Ceruti are architects in the same design firm at my 'day-job'.

These two are co-workers, 'room-mates', partners in love and partners in art.

Both were born in Italy, Fabrizio, born in Milan, and Lisa, from Mantova. The two met studying Architecture in Italy, and their paths crossed again in Australia when working in Architecture. This is where the love story begins. Now they do everything together, and what is so beautiful, they bring out the best in each other.

The passion for art, architecture, authenticity and each other is truly inspiring.


Your materiality choice is so different from the norm, how did you come about working with concrete & timber?

“To us, concrete and timber can establish a beautiful dialogue. We use tree barks, this takes the material to its primitive form, and we are so intrigued by the juxtaposition of this natural element and a man-made component, the concrete.

There are just no lies in our artworks, the materials play the leading role, and they are just what they are, they are real, the choice of seeing something else is your, and your feelings dictate it.”

Can you tell us about the process & your inspiration behind it?

“We find inspiration both in architecture and in nature, and in particular, for those pieces, the Australian vegetation has been our muse.

After moving to Australia that we started to grow a feeling of profound respect for nature.

During our first bushwalking here, we were very impressed by the quantity of burned trees we could see due to the frequent bushfires, that’s where the idea of burning the tree barks in our artworks came from.

On the other side, the use of the concrete reflects our heritage; the monumentality and heaviness of all the buildings our eyes were exposed to as we grew up is something that will always influence our experiences.”

“ We believe that our works express the relationship between human actions + nature,

and how these two forces interact; delicate yet powerful connection. ”

I understand that you are partners when working with art & also partners in life, what is the working dynamic as a couple like?

“This is something that terrifies people, isn't it? We are often asked “how could you always be together?!” followed by “me and my partner would hate each other after one day!”.

We think we are just lucky to have found our balance. Obviously, there are things that one does better than the other, and we can’t hide that sometimes we have disagreements, but those are very constructive (most of the time!).

In doing our artworks, we are growing a method that allows us to be more efficient. We develop the creative process together, but it can happen that the more “practical stuff” are done separately.”

“ Couples like Charles and Ray Eames or Marina Abramovic and Ulay inspired us, the architecture or art they created is something that they couldn’t have done without each other. ”

Do you think being Italian or Architects influences your style & talent as an artist?

“ Craftsmanship has always had a significant impact on our lives; we both grew up in families of artisans where concrete and timber were present in everyday life.

Our studies in architecture probably amplified this love for materials; we learnt how to appreciate their nature and the meaningful relationships we could generate by putting them together.”

How do you create these artworks?

“We utilise a few different methods to create our pieces, and the duration may vary depending on the finish we would like to obtain.

Generally, we start with the collection and selection of the tree barks that we would like to use; we then place them in a mould or formwork that will host the pieces and afterwards the mixture of cement, water and sand is poured over. After a few days, the concrete solidifies, it can be removed from the mould and ideally it has to cure for a month to obtain its maximum strength.

Following this period, we decide how to finish the concrete surface and then it starts the burning process of the tree bark captured into the concrete.”

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Wow, these two can conquer all. Do you know of any couples that are succeeding in the creative or business world together? If so, let us know…