Have you fallen out of love with your hoMe? Do you not want to call it home anymore? Does this mean you need to move on?

Well... you don't have to move, but you might have to be willing to do some work. Finding the desire again for your home is a little bit like 'bringing the spark back into the relationship'.

I once read a quote "when you cease to desire, you cease to evolve..."

I feel like this quote applies to the interior of your home.

Like just about everything in life, if it does not evolve, you/it/they become old/tired/boring/dull/outdated which leads to a lack of lust, desire and passion. I know if you are reading the 'House & Court' blog, you are not wanting an outdated home.

Today's 'Hoco Hack' is about finding the desire to evolve your house so you feel like you’re home again.


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📸: sign

Creating a mood board is like writing a love letter to your home.

There are two strong reasons why I recommend this. The 1st reason, it's fun, and it will spark some joy. The 2nd reason, it works a little like a 'vision board'. A vision board is used with the law of attraction theory. The images represent your goals and dreams for the home.

The board visually helps you clarify and maintain focus on your specific house goals.

Create intimacy.

By creating space for you to do the things you enjoy, you will enjoy being in your home more. Find space for you within the home. For example…..

if you like yoga or meditation, create a zone for you to do so.


📸: meditation zone

Cut the crap!

Evolving might be saying goodbye to things you don't need or want anymore. I suggest you 'Marie Kondo' the hell out of the place. You will be surpise how much clutter you will clear with the 'Konmari tidying' method.

If all else fails, hire an interior designer....

I know a few designers that could help... Mia, Holly or Madi... Seriously, though, an interior designer can be like the couple counselling you and your home needs. The designer can show you what to fix, how to fix and give you a new perspective on how it looks and functions.


Do you have any tips on falling back in love with your house - if so, leave a comment below.