In the fifties & sixties, at the height of the mid-century modern movement, it was the look to have - a classic feature of many mid-century homes still standing today.

As all trends do, it came and went. But guess what.. It’s back with a bang.

Ornamentalism is the word. Made famous by architecture genius, Frank Lloyd Wright, you’d be kidding yourself if you said history doesn’t repeat itself. Imagine a screening system that allows generous ventilation but is as solid as concrete. Literally. Not to mention the textural qualities of such a finish.

So you want my opinion on this architectural screen system?

The short answer is.. I’d go there.

From coastal abodes, to contemporary mid-century inspired architecture, to Palm Springs vibes, breeze blocks are back. 

Here are some of my favourite examples.

Images via Pinterest & Honestly WTF.

Homepage Cover Image: The Porter III by Gray Malin

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