HoCo-Scope; Capricorn 2019

22nd December - 20th January.

What makes a Capricorn? Your Capricorn's strongest trait is the desire 'to do the right thing'. Your hunger will have you looking to save the planet and shopping for organic produce at the farmer's markets; all while drinking an almond chai latte from your KeepCup. Your ambition is your driving force. 2019 will see you planning the next few years carefully, especially on how to spend your money.

A tip from HoCo: "Get your ideas out of your head & down on paper, it will keep you on top of your game."

The downside of your ambition is that you may start planning your lover's or friend's lives, to the point they feel like you have authority over them.

HoCo propose's: "spend time together planning your futures. do it on a comfortable couch instead of the dining table - it will feel less like a boardroom meeting and more like a loving-joint activity".

Your self/life standards are high. In fact, they higher than most. You often blur the lines between home and work life. Whilst it’s almost impossible for you not to bring your work home, we do suggest creating a spot for you to put your work away behind closed doors.

Hoco adds: "...behind stylish doors, of course. find beautiful cabinets with doors or drawers to hide the work away".

  1. Two door cabinet. 2. Artwork. 3. Low cabinet. 4. Pearl bowl. 5. Tray. 6. Bag. 7. Produce bags. 8. Keep-cup. 9. Goals diary. 10. Record. 11. Record Player. 12. Lounge. 13. Armchair. 14. Cushions.

This year you are willing to work hard to achieve and maintain your high-life-standards.

As you are careful with your money, HoCo suggests: "when splashing out on your home, buy pieces that will hold their value or even make a profit. This may include investing in an artwork". Look for artworks that include the capricorn colours - silver-grey, or grey-lilacs.

Your gemstone is a pearl.

HoCo says "Introducing your gemstone into your home can be easy. Mother of pearl finishes are common in homewares such as decorative boxes, bowls and trays".


  • Save the planet in style.

  • Write goals down.

  • Joint goals should collaborate together.

  • Be creative to be inspired.

  • Find a beautiful cabinet to hide your work away to stop confusing home-life and office life.

  • Buy things that will hold their value.

  • Introduce your gemstone, pearl, into your home with Mother of Pearl homewares.